Field Labels are showing prefixes such as [MSG], [GMLD], [TRF] in the instance.


  • When using one of the Internationalization plugins, most of the fields in the instance are automatically translated.
  • However, customizations are not translated automatically, and need to be translated by hand.
  • In this case, it is best to locate the individual untranslated strings, and insert those translations manually.
Display a translation prefix:

Translation prefixes indicate where to find the string for translation.

Procedure 1:

  • To enable prefixes on field labels for the current user session, navigate to System Localization > Enable I18N Debugging.
  • To disable prefixes for the current session, navigate to System Localization > Disable I18N Debugging.

Procedure 2:

  • This functionality is controlled by 'glide.ui.i18ntest' system property.You have to set this property to false in sys_properties.list Table.

Procedure 3:

  • Goto System Properties(From navigation pane) => System Localization => Uncheck 'Displays translation prefix on translatable strings'.



  • For the prefix TRF, navigate to System Localization > Translated Names / Fields.
  • For the prefix MSG, navigate to System Localization > Messages.
  • For the prefix GMLD, navigate to System Localization > Field Labels.
  • For the prefix TRT, navigate to System Localization > Translated Text.
  • For the prefix CHC, navigate to System Localization > Choices.

Some few strings may not display translatable prefixes. This means that the string is not stored on any of these four tables. This behavior occurs with text embedded in images, such as the buttons in the Service Catalog, or text defined by properties, such as the text which follows the banner.


Refresh the browser to apply the changes.

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