• The Catalog Item created from the Catalog Item gets provisioned successfully, at User Portal we can view the Stack and Resource details as below.


  • According to the behaviour, the Stack will have its own operations as "Deprovision" "Stop" and "Start" 
  • Soon after we provision, the Resources (Appserviceplan & Webapp) will not be having Resource Operation  because the Resource does not contain the operations
  • As per the requirement, we will need to Create Resource Operations under the Newly created ResourceBlock  from the ARM 
  • Once we create the Resource Operations, the user portal does not display the newly created operations.

  • The issue to understand and fix is that How to get the Resource Operations Visible 


  • ServiceNow CMP store new/unknown resource types in cmdb_ci_cmp_resource table.
  • As the Newly created ARM Resources have no specified classes, creating Resource Operations the ResourceBlock created by the ARM will be affected or  Visible. 
  • In order to get the Resource Operations which are associated with the cmdb_ci_cmp_resource table, we will need to create the Resource Operations on "Cloud Resource" Resource Block. 


  1. Hop to the instance
  2. Impersonate to the user with privileges to create a Resource Operation
  3. Navigate >> Cloud Admin Portal >> Design >> Resource Blocks >> Cloud Resource (By default no Interface or Operation is available) 
  4. Create a Guest Interface 
  5. Operations >> Newly Created Guest interface >> Create an Operation (Provided the API logic as per the requirement) 


  1. Navigate >> Cloud User Portal >> Stacks >> Choose the Stack created from the ARM >> Now we could see the Operation.

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