Integrations involving any server-side scripting like in business rule or script include , etc. failing with Error "String object would exceed maximum permitted size of 33554432".


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This issue has been mostly seen to happen when script includes are instantiated in a while loop. Note that the limit may be breached when other scripts invoke a "ScriptableObject", for example instantiating a script include, in a while/for loop where a GlideRecord object is passed into the script include inside the while loop. The object size grows with each loop iteration because we are adding up the GlideRecord object with each loop. One way to cause this is to loop with each GlideRecord result, and then call a script include.


The platform has a hardcoded value of 32 MB for the String object and it is not customizable via any system property.


Make sure that what every string object defined doesn't grow beyond 32 MBs in any of the server side scripting.

NOTE: Javascript uses 2 bytes per character and there is a String object limit of 33554432 bytes.

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Last Updated:2019-05-22 14:45:03