Failed to authenticate Edge Encryption proxy after upgrade to Madrid. The proxy is shown as "Online" but "Unauthenticated". When we click the Authenticate button, it goes to pending then back to Unauthenticated.


After Madrid Upgrade


Pre-Jakarta proxy_version (on the table 'sys_encryption_proxy') was defined as decimal(20,2).
With Jakarta, the proxy_version is changed from decimal(20,2) to varchar(40).

Up until Madrid, there was no validation for the Proxy version in ServiceNow and "proxy_version" on the table 'sys_encryption_proxy' value was still in the format supported by decimal(20,2).
From Madrid, the proxy versions are being compared for Authenticating the Proxy and version value is not two digit decimal anymore.
This is preventing Proxy Authentication for all upgraded Madrid instances with Edge Encryption Plugin installed before Jakarta.


  1. Click Execute Now Scheduled Job "Update sys_encryption_proxy.proxy_version type to string if decimal" to convert "proxy_version" to STRING 

    URL to the JOB: https://<instance_name> 

  2. Wait for the above job to complete and make sure that the "proxy_version" field is now string.

  3. Restart Edge Encryption Proxy and proxy is should now "authenticated" 

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Last Updated:2019-05-22 14:18:13