Pattern discovery error "Solaris global zone host/address of local zone need to be discovered first. Please run quick discovery on this IP and try again."


All currently supported releases.


Process detection is triggered when discovering applications as part of pattern discovery. Discovering solaris demands extra logic to determine if the commands run to collect information on the process should be run on the global or local zones. The error to discover the global zone is thrown when process detection if triggered on the global zone and the process is not found. There is no need to discover the global zone due to this error. The error is added as a candidate root cause of the pattern failing. However, it is possible the pattern discovery would still be successful even when this error is found as for solaris there are multiple attempts to collect the process information.


  1. Review pattern discovery log process detection. If the process detection is successful this error can be disregarded.
  2. Resolve the errors returned by the process detection, steps will depend on error returned.
  3. Try mid server property mid.solaris.use_netstat_u_param = true.
  4. If error is not resolved, contact support for further troubleshooting.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:43:03