When creating list applet in our new Mobile Agent application for any table that has lots of records, let's say 1000+, sometimes it takes substantial amount of time to load ending up with fetch timeout or "Could Not load Data" errors.



Example (With Caveats)

  • Let's say we have around 1000+ RITM records and we create a list applet on table "sc_req_item" without any filters and added bunch of fields in Header and Body sections.
  • The mobile app will take time to load the list as it's trying to query/pull all of those records in one shot.
  • Due to performance reasons, after certain timeframe - it ends up throwing fetch error (as we don't keep the transaction going for too long)

Another interesting thing is:

  • If you add "Variables" in the Body section which is the variable editor - it adds up the query time.
  • Reason being that our application "preloads" the data for each record, meaning - it queries all the fields present in Header and Body section along with respective individual sets of variables.
  • This impacts performance.

The resolution would be:

  • To limit the record count in the list by adding lots of filters.
  • Because from end user perspective who is using mobile, it's not best practice (or not even a feasible approach) to scroll through 1000s of RITM records in the list applet.

Additional Information

Eventually we are planning to enhance our mobile application in the near future release that will involve performance improvements in loading huge list of records on our mobile application.

You can always reach out to Customer Support for additional questions/concerns on our new Mobile Agent Application.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:43:07