Identification engine error MISSING_MATCHING_ATTRIBUTES missing minimum set of input values for criterion.


All currently supported releases.


Missing minimum set of values for criterion attributes for an identification rule.


Determine the identifier used:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Identification/Reconciliation, and click Identification Simulation.
  2. Click Start in the Start with Existing Payload tile.
  3. In the Source field, select the data source that is associated with this class update (ServiceNow for example).
  4. Paste the JSON payload into the empty canvas. Use the JSON payload returned in the error. Example payload:
    {"items": [{"className":"cmdb_ci_computer","values":{"discovery_source":"Manual Entry","name":"computerName","serial_number":"ABCXYZ123789"}}]}
  5. Click Execute to simulate processing of the payload by the identification engine.
  6. Review the output.

Update identifier:

  1. Navigate to "Configuration > Identification/Reconciliation > CI Identifiers".
  2. Search for the identifier used which returned the error.
  3. Update identifier to contain one identifier entry for one of the fields returned in the payload.

Note: It is possible that the discovery or data source did not contain enough values. For such cases, the payload will need to be corrected. This could be caused by permission issues when discovering the device, discovery errors, missing data on source import table, amongst others. Further investigation will be required for such scenarios.

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