When sending out a scheduled report using a Dial or Speedometer report type, a corrupt file gets sent out, if you have the Output Type selected as PNG. However, if you send the same report out as PDF, you get to see the following error message:

Error: JSONObject["xvalues"] not found




The scheduled report was of a previous type (i.e. Bar or Pie) with the Display data table checkbox enabled. Upon changing the report type to Dial or Speedometer, this option is not available for this report type. Hence, you can get unexpected behaviour, if the Display data table is left as enabled when using the report type Dial or Speedometer.


  1. Edit the scheduled report that is producing the error when sent as a PNG/PDF file.
  2. In the Type section, change the Report Type from Dial or Speedometer to Donut.
  3. In the Configure section, uncheck the Display data table checkbox.
  4. Go back to the Type section, change the Report Type back to Dial or Speedometer.
  5. Save the report and run it as another scheduled report, which should now work as expected.

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Last Updated:2019-06-19 07:12:33