The approval record is visible for the delegated user in the list of approvals (Approvals widget) but when opening the record, the record details are not displayed and it says "Record not found" (Approval Record widget), other widgets on the page are displaying the correct data.



Any supported version


The issue is caused by a custom widget on the page.


To identify which widget is causing the issue:

  1. Clone the page with this issue (OOB page is "approval").
  2. Now open the record with the cloned page
  3. In another tab open this cloned page in Designer.
  4. Start removing every other widget except "Approval Record" widget.
    • After removing each widget, refresh the tab from step 2.
  5. Keep repeating step 4 until the Approval Record widget displays the details.

After identifying the widget from step 5 above, remove it from the original page and the Approval Record widget will start working.

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Last Updated:2019-06-20 05:56:07