Error message 'sysparm_limit value must be a positive integer' is seen when making inbound REST API GET call with sysparm_limit=0




sysparm_limit is used to specify maximum number of records to be returned in the response. Setting it to 0 is considered invalid and this causes the request to fail.  


If you are trying to retrieve less than 10,000 rows you can just remove the sysparm_limit from the query.  
The system by default has a limit of 10,000. If the result is more than 10,000 the "x-total count" header in response contains the total number of records for the query. 
You can use this and make as many calls needed to get all the records. 

Note: The limit parameter defaults to 10,000 records. This limit can be set to any value. Be aware, however, that an unusually large value can impact system performance. 
X-Total-Count Total count of records returned by the query. 

The best practice to retrieve large number of records is by using pagination. You may follow the steps provided in KB0727636.


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Last Updated:2019-05-21 14:34:59