After upgrade to Madrid "EvtMgmtCustomIncidentPopulator" or "the task field customizations" are not working.


Madrid ++


All environments.


  • Beginning from Madrid we have moved from "Alert Action Rules" to "Alert Management Rules".
  • Till London, we have the scheduled job "Event Management - create/resolved incidents by alerts" that internally triggers the script include "EvtMgmtCustomIncidentPopulator" which is used to take care of task field custom populations.
  • But in Madrid we depreciated the scheduled job "Event Management - create/resolved incidents by alerts" and so no script include "EvtMgmtCustomIncidentPopulator" is triggered. 


Since the script include is not called by default, the data is not populated/updated as per the customizations. 


Option #1
If you would like to use the alert action rule still, you can activate the job "Event Management - create/resolved incidents by alerts". 

Schedule Job: Event Management - create/resolved incidents by alerts 

Option #2: (recommended) 
If you would like to go with the latest "Alert Management Rules" make sure you create a new alert management rule OR "Migrate an alert action rule to an alert management rule" the older alert rule to alert management rule using the Migrate UI action. 

Option #2.1
OOB, we do have the subflow "Create Task (legacy)". You can use this and it will create/update the task in legacy fashion and so the EvtMgmtCustomIncidentPopulator include will be triggered. 

Create Task (legacy)
This subflow uses a task template, if provided, or the customIncidentPopulator script. If configured, apply the task template. 
This subflow is provided for instances that are migrated from earlier releases. 

Note: Add the Task template column to the Alert Management Rules [em_alert_management_rule] table. 

Option #2.2
Else, copy the OOB "Create Incident" subflow (OR create your own subflow) and customize according to your requirement (per event and/or global) and use that subflow. 

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