When a new task record like Incident, Problem, or Change Request, or any record extending task is created with [task_time_worked], if the system property "com.snc.time_worked.update_task_timer" is set to true, a "Unique Key violation detected by database" is thrown.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Set the system property "com.snc.time_worked.update_task_timer" to true.
2. Add "Time Worked > Task" to a change request form.
3. Create a new change request.
4. Add an entry into the embedded list: "Time Worked > Task".
5. Save the change request.


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As a workaround, edit the Business Rule 'Update task timer' replacing the script with the following:

function updateTaskTimer() {
    var task = current.task.getRefRecord();
    if (!task.isValid())
    //get all time worked for this task
    var tw = new GlideAggregate("task_time_worked");
    tw.addQuery("task", current.task);
    tw.addAggregate("SUM", "time_worked");
    if ( {
        var timeworked = tw.getAggregate("SUM", "time_worked");
        task.setValue("time_worked", timeworked);
        var workflowState = task.isWorkFlow();
        // don't run task workflows or BR: "Task Time Worked" will create more time worked records
        gs.addInfoMessage(gs.getMessage("Time worked entry was modified, updated time in task {0}", task.getDisplayValue()));


Related Problem: PRB1342651

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