The difference or mismatch in Billing data between Azure / AWS console and CMP Dashboard


  • Below is the Dashboard report from CMP  and observed 87,764.72 in cost 


  • Below is the report generated on the AWS Console and observed 87,147.32 in cost 



Earlier investigations and probable cause

  1. The cost total sometime does not match with the provider's portal, the reason below :
  2. The data is for the current unfinished month or for a month that just ended.
  3. The portal may be more up to date due to the lag involved in the instance downloading and processing the data once per day.
  4. The data is for a long-finished month, there are a few other things to consider.

Current observation and Issue :

  1. Observed all above probable cause are not the issues and still, we see the difference in high variation.
  2. The issue seems to be the javascript floating point calculation has a problem.
  3. Aggregating on the memory and doing many read & write, could lead to more problems.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log on to the instance
  2. Impersonate with the user who is having access to review Billing Dashboard
  3. Navigate > Cloud Management > Cloud admin portal > Analyse > Billing
  4. Billing Dashboard > Observe the cost and note
  5. Now log in to the AWS / Azure console and verify the cost available.
  6. There will be a difference between Billing at ServiceNow CMP and AWS / Azure console



  • Import cloud_billing_performance_accuracy_fix_v1.xml

    • This includes the fixes for missing indexes, a workaround for javascript floating point arithmetic issues, and missing mappings for Azure, and inaccurate aggregation result for big data ( >= 100,000)

  • Import enable_azure_rollup_processor.xml for fast Azure report processing.

    • This includes the workaround for the case that Azure billing processing is too slow..
    • The incoming data will be aggregated as monthly to reduce the # of records to be processed. The daily trend graph will be no longer valid if these updates are applied.

Note: This Workaround is for "London P* " & "Madrid P* " based instances Only.

Procedure to apply the above Workaround

  1. Log into the instance.
  2. Impersonate to the user with privileges to modify  Cloud Billing schedules and tables.
  3. Navigate > Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Analyse > Billing 
  4. Billing Schedules > Make sure no Billing schedules are currently running 
  5. Deactivate all the Cloud Billing schedules.
  6. Cleanup the Old Billing data completely from "sn_cmp_cost" table.
  7. Make sure no previous billing data is available.
  8. Import the XML files (Provided above in workaround).
  9. Billing Schedules > Activate all the Billing Schedules. 
  10. Either wait for the Billing schedule to Execute or Execute on-demand Billing Job.
  11. Verify the Billing data in CMP and Azure/AWS console.


Related Problem: PRB1340282

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London Patch 9
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