When searching the field look up for a category field on the knowledge table with a user language, for example, Spanish, no results are shown. The issue happens only with the Category field (Reference type) in the kb_knowledge table and not any other reference type fields in the same or other tables.

The search results show up only if the category is created in that language and doesn't show up in other languages.

Steps to reproduce:

In an affected instance:

  • Activate the plugins I18N:Knowledge Management Internationalization v2 plugin and Spanish Translation
  • Navigate to kb_knowledge.list
  • Search for a category field in the list view
  • Observe that the results show up
  • Switch the language to Spanish
  • Now search the same category field in the list view
  • Observe that no results show up in Spanish language

Actual behavior: No results show up on searching the category field in Spanish language

Expected behavior: Same results show up on searching the category field in Spanish language as it does when using English language


At least Kingston and London


A field of the type "Translated Text" allows the same field to display different content based on the user's language.
In the "Category(kb_category)" table, the field "Label" is a Translated-Text. So any customized categories are not automatically translated and have to be manually done by creating a translated text label for the customized category.


To create a translated text for the category in the kb_category table follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to sys_translated_text.list
  2. Create a new translated text
  3. Select the table name: kb_category
  4. Select language: Spanish
  5. Select Field name: label
  6. In the documents field again select the table kb_category
  7. Select the English category you want to translate
  8. Write the Spanish translation of that category in the values field.
  9. Submit

Observe that the category gets translated to the language chosen by the user.

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Translate the content of a translated text field

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