• User has the content of the correct Dashboard, but the Dashboard Picker shows a different Dashboard Name.
  • Dashboard Picker is blank, where the Dashboard Name is empty, but it is displaying the correct Dashboard content.
  • After drilling down to a report/widget on the Dashboard and when using the browser/instance back button to go back to Ddashboard, the user experiences the issue, where the contents of the Dashboard does not match with the Dashboard Name shown in the Dashboard Picker.

Release or Environment

Upgraded from a version earlier than Istanbul to Istanbul or later.


Enabling the session debug, you will see that the user does not have read access to dashboard_w_permission database view, as per the following screenshot -

Database View: dashboard_w_permission - no read access







The ACLs evaluated and failing are pa_dashboards read ACLs. The database view dashboard_w_permission joins pa_dashboards and pa_dashboards_permissions tables.


Starting from Istanbul, there is no need to create ACLs for database views, as the system honours the ACLs on the underlying tables. However, for upgraded instances, the admins need to create the system property glide.security.expander.view.legacy and set it to false, in order to use the new behaviour where the system honours the ACLs on the underlying tables in the database view.

Additional Information

ACLs and database views [Madrid]

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