This article describes how to migrate the existing 'No Cart' and 'No Quantity' values to Hide 'Add to Cart' and Hide Quantity fields that are considered for Service Portal in Madrid

Release or Environment

Madrid and above


In Madrid, we have a script includes named 'CatalogPortalSettingsMigration' and this script will help to migrate the following item level settings for use_sc_layout=false to portal settings. This is applicable for Catalog Items and Order Guides.




Steps :

Go to scripts background in the instance as an admin user and run the below script


var standardUpdate = true; 
// true: Call business rules on catalog item table and send changes to update set.
//false[DEFAULT]: Business rules on catalog item table will be skipped and no update set changes
var psMigration = new CatalogPortalSettingsMigration();



Set standardUpdate to true or false as per the requirement. The above script is provided in the 'Details' field for 'CatalogPortalSettingsMigration' script includes.

Make sure to test this script in Sub Production instance first before making any changes in Production

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