How to disable the snc_internal and/or snc_external roles to be assigned to users automatically.


The "Explicit Roles" plugin might be installed as part of other plugins, such as the Customer Service Management plugin or the Vendor Risk Management plugin. The Explicit Roles plugin provides the snc_external and snc_internal roles.

When the plugin is activated:

  • All existing users are automatically assigned the snc_internal role.
  • Newly created users are automatically assigned the snc_internal
    role when they first attempt to log in to the instance, unless they have
    been explicitly assigned the snc_external role.

For more information, please review the formal documentation about Explicit roles. 

This functionality can be turned off after setting to false the system property below, however it is not recommended to turned off (see note below):  


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please evaluate and test this property in a non-production instance before testing in Production. Users or applications might be inaccessible if users do not have the snc_internal or snc_external role, so testing is important.  Also, be aware that Update Sets cannot be done if one instance has installed the "Explicit Roles" but the other one not.  


Applicable Versions

All current supported versions. 


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