When creating a new template if you add a field that is dependent on another field specified on the template the choices are not filtered appropriately. This can result in the user setting up an invalid template field combination.

Steps to Reproduce


Reproduced in latest release Madrid Patch 1 Hotfix 2

1. go to to create a new template
2. populate table = incident
3. save.
4. add new field/value to the template:
field = Category
value = Software
5. save
6. add new field to the template:
field = Subcategory
7. open dropdown list for the value

see that the list is not filtered
all choices from sys_choice table are displayed for the subcategory field.
it was expected that the choices should be filtered on the dependent value "Software" - like when creating a new incident.


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Related Problem: PRB1341943

Seen In

London Patch 6
Madrid Patch 1 Hot Fix 2

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