Contact (Caller_ID) on the incident form disappears for ITIL user when the Caller is set to inactive.

Steps to Reproduce

1. In OOB Madrid instance, create the following UI Policy.
Short description: "Testsnc"
Table: "incident"
Onload: "true"

2. To the above UI Policy, create a UI Policy action as follows:
Field name: ""
Mandatory, Visibile, Read only --> you can either set them to anything, or leave it as "Leave alone" (doesn't matter)

3. Make "Abel Tuter" caller for some open incidents:

4. Make sure "Abel Tuter" doesn't have any roles, and de-activate him.
Active: false
Locked out: true

5. Impersonate "ITIL user", and access the incident's list to which "Abel Tuter" is the caller.

6. From incident list view, "caller_id" displays value for "Abel Tuter"

7. Open any record, and see that "Caller (caller_id)" field is empty and mandatory.

Expected Behavior:
"Caller (caller_id)" field should display its value.

Actual Behavior:
"Caller (caller_id)" field is empty and mandatory.


Workaround: Any 'one' of the following should work, based on customer's requirement:

1. Adding "&& (!gs.hasRole("itil"))" to the condition of 'User query' business rule will be a workaround, so it doesn't execute for ITIL users.


2. Finding and de-activating the UI Policy/Client script acting on the dot walked fields from the reference field that's affected. In this case UI policy that we created that acts on "" field.

Related Problem: PRB1341948

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Fixed In

Madrid Patch 4
New York

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