A user may extend a table or add columns to an existing table which may include a Workflow column. On tables outside of 'sc_req_item', approval activities may not properly render as completed after the activity is approved or rejected. This may lead into seeing two activities showing as 'In Progress' instead of one showing as 'Completed' and the other 'In Progress'.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Add a workflow column to an existing table that does not already have one.
  2. Create a workflow that has two approval stages back to back.
  3. Add stages after the approval stage.
  4. Run Workflow.
  5. Approve the first approval.
  6. In the list view for the table that is using it, add workflow columns so that the stages are displayed.
    The workflow stages will show the Approval stage as active and the next stage as active as well.


This is expected behavior by design. As a workaround, edit the following:

  • Add the Set Values Activity before the Approval stage.
  • In the Set Values Activity, set the 'Approval' column to 'Requested'.

Related Problem: PRB1332344

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