• This Article will demonstrate the procedure to  Exclude IPs or IP ranges from a Discovery Schedule 


  • Log in to the  instance
  • Navigate >> Discovery Schedules(
  • Click and open the required Schedule from which needed to exclude the IPs 
Reference Table : https://<Instancename>
  • Related Links >> Refer to the "Discovery IP Ranges"  

  • Click and open the preferred Range 
Reference Table : https://<Instancename>
  • Related Links >> Discovery Range Item Excludes >> Create New 
Reference Table : https://<Instancename>


  • Select the Type as  required, if needed to exclude specific IP address select "IP Address List" or If needed to exclude an IP range select "IP Address Range"
  • Fill the Starting IP and Ending IP which are needed to be excluded 

  • Submit 
  • Execute Discovery on the Schedule and we can observe the Excluded IP address/range not scanned. 



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