• When the user is trying to create a simple Standard Change Template, the system is not allowing them. The template will not process to completion. 


  • Kingston Patch 12


In this case, the user was trying to utilize a custom group to populate Approvers, but the Platform's "Standard Change Catalog" workflow is hard-coded to point to the Out of Box (OOB) "Change Management" group which was not present in the user's instance.

Read on for more details.


It was also discovered that in order to use a custom group to populate Approvers (a necessary step to create a Standard Change Template), the below details must be true:

  • The group must have at least one member, and
  • The group itself must possess the "change_manager" role to be able to have its users populate as approvers for a Standard Change Template, and
  • The associated workflow's "Approval - Group" activity must be updated to reflect the new custom group [versus the OOB "Change Management" group which is hard-coded into that activity]

There was also an additional DOC request created to address the incomplete nature of the current documentation on how to create a Standard Change Template: DOC67866.

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