UI Actions "Save", "Add to Cart", "Order Now" do not work in Service Portal on form pages containing a Variable Editor. This may occur when:
- The sc_email Validation script is active
- The catalog item has at least two variable sets
- Each variable set has a email type variable
- One of the variable sets has a Read Only UI policy applying to the email type variable
- One of the email or URL variables is hidden using a Catalog UI Policy or a Catalog Client Script

Steps to Reproduce

1. Make sure that the sc_email Validation script is active ( /sys_script_validator.do?sys_id=9f138c6edb082300e890f71fbf9619a6 ).
2. Navigate to any Catalog Item and create two Email type Variables.
3. Create a Catalog UI Policy to hide one of these variables on Catalog Item view, Catalog Task, Requested Items.
4. Submit the catalog from the Platform and open the Request Item in portal ( /sp?id=form&table=sc_req_item&sys_id=<sys_id> ).
5. Try changing anything and save the form.
Observe the form is not updated.
6. Create a catalog item (availability Desktop and Mobile).
7. Create a (single-row) variable set 1 with:
-Email type variable (email variable 1). Leave the order blank.
-Read Only UI policy to hide the Email type variable (email variable 1)
8. Create a (single-row) variable set 2 with:
-Email type variable (email variable 2). Leave the order blank.
9. Open the catalog item in Service Portal.
10. Click "Order Now".
Observe the "Order Confirmation" modal does not appear and there is no error shown.


This problem has been fixed. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In section to determine the latest version with a permanent fix your instance can be upgraded to. As a workaround, follow the steps below:

1 - Navigate to the portal record(sp_portal) which is having the issue.

2 - Go to its Theme (sp_theme).

3 - Create a new JS include for this theme and add a new UI Script associated to it.

4 - Copy/Paste the content of the attached file PRB1334181WA.txt into the Script field and submit it.


Related Problem: PRB1334181

Seen In

Madrid Patch 1 Hot Fix 2

Fixed In

Madrid Patch 4
New York

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