There is a unique situation that can cause the "Add to Cart" and "Order Now" button to stop working in Service Portal. This occurs when:
-The sc_email Validation script is active
-The catalog item has at least 2 variable sets
-Each variable set has a email type variable
-One of the variable sets has a Read Only UI policy applying to the email type variable

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Make sure that the sc_email Validation script is active:
  2. Create a catalog item (availability Desktop and Mobile)
  3. Create (single-row) variable set 1 with:
    -Email type variable (email variable 1). Leave the order blank.
    -Read Only UI policy to hide the Email type variable (email variable 1)
  4. Create a (single-row) variable set 2 with:
    -Email type variable (email variable 2). Leave the order blank.
  5. Open the catalog item up in Service Portal
  6. Click "Order Now"

    Expected result:
    The "Order Confirmation" modal should be displayed on the screen

    Actual result:
    The "Order Confirmation" modal does not appear and there is no error shown. It seems as though nothing happens.


1 - Navigate to the portal record(sp_portal) which is having the issue

2 - Go to its Theme (sp_theme)

3 - Create a new JS include for this theme and add a new UI Script associated to it.

4 - Copy/Paste the content of file PRB1334181WA.txt (attached in the PRB) to Script field and submit it.

Related Problem: PRB1334181

Seen In

Madrid Patch 1 Hot Fix 2

Intended Fix Version

New York

Fixed In

Madrid Patch 4

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