Having configured a third journal type field against a form, inconsistent behaviour was identified in respects to the colour style applied to the ‘Additional comments’ journal field.

When a UI Policy was being used to control the visibility of the new custom journal field, and when the style applied to the ‘Additional comments’ was ‘transparent’, the colour applied to the ‘Additional comments’ field was that of the new custom field upon form save and reload.

To reproduce this behaviour the following was configured in the ‘Notes’ section of the Incident form:

  1. Create new Journal input type field on task: u_rfi_journal
  2. Create new true/false type field on task: u_rfi
  3. Create new UI policy on Incident, so that: if u_rfi is true, u_rfi_journal is visible (‘Reverse if false’ is checked)
  4. Modify the ‘Notes’ section of the Incident form, adding the ‘u_rfi’ and ‘u_rfi_journal’ fields, so that ‘Additional comments’, ‘Work notes’ and ‘u_rfi_journal’.
  5. Modify the Activity stream of the Incident form to include the new ‘u_rfi_journal’ field so that all 3 journal fields are then displayed together within the section.
  6. Create new sys_property ‘’, setting its value to ‘tomato’.

The form should now show a drop down to choose between the 3 journal inputs, if the compact view is enabled (‘Show one journal field’ is selected), where normally this is a checkbox when only 2 journal inputs are available.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open an open Incident record, check the ‘u_rfi’ checkbox to show the ‘u_rfi_journal’ field in the compact view,
  2. Save the record.
  3. Uncheck the ‘u_rfi’ checkbox to remove the ‘u_rfi_journal’ field from the form. It should then switch to display one of the another journal input fields
  4. Save and reload the form.

The form remembers that ‘u_rfi_journal’ was the last used journal input, but the UI policy hides it. This results in the ‘Additional comments’ journal input being shown with the red indicator of the RFI journal.

If you do not look at it in detail, it could be easy to think that the RFI journal field is shown, due of the indicator color.


This behavior has been tested to be seen in the Madrid release. There is no reason as to why it shouldn’t also be present in all other applicable releases.


It can be seen that this is happening due to the default style setting for the Additional comments journal field being set to transparent. If any other color is set it is then correctly displayed.


Either specifically set a color for the style of the affected journal field, Additional comments in this case, or leave the value of its corresponding System Property ( blank, will resolve this behavior.

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