After having read and followed the KB article KB0712569, the user is not able to retrieve SMS messages sent from the ServiceNow instance.

You will find there is no record under the sys_email table is created for the recipient's email [recipient_number]@[mobile domain]


Starting from Jakarta 


There are a number of possible reasons as to why the user is not receiving SMS messages from the instance:

  • The user's profile does not have the associated phone number
  • The users allow notifications is not switched on in the notification settings
  • The SMS channel is not created within the user's notification settings
  • The user's phone channel is not enabled against the said notification in the notification settings


Make sure the notification fires an SMS message to the recipient's number:

  1. Head over to the [sys_user] table and review the user's record in question to verify if a phone/work number is established
  2. Impersonate the user and verify in their notifications has an existing SMS channel with the phone number
  3. Review the notification setting and search for the notification in question to determine if the SMS channel is enabled against it

Note:  If you can't impersonate the user, then head over to the [cmn_notif_message] table as it stores all the email preferences for the user.



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