Planning console not loading after upgraded to Kingston.

Console Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'getGanttInstance' of undefined




Kingston Patch 14


Widget Dependency: dhtmlx-gantt is missing in the instance which has to be added in the dependencies of "Planning Console" widget.

Upon investigating we identified that the widget dependency had been deleted in a previous release and due to this customisation was skipped during upgrade.



Add the dependency "dhtmlx-gantt" in the dependencies of "Planning Console" widget. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. You must first revert the file "dhtmlx-gantt" to its original version
    1. Navigate to Upgrade history and find your KP14 upgrade
    2. In the Related List "Upgrade Details" search for file sp_dependency_6001d963c313120028d7d56bc3d3ae6b
    3. Open the record
    4. Click the button 'Revert to Base system'.
      • This will revert your customization.
  2. Navigate to Service Portal > Widgets
    1. Open the "Planning Console" widget
    2. In the dependencies related list, click the "Edit" button.
    3. Select from the slush bucket the file "dhtmlx-gantt", and move from Available section into Selected section.

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