When viewing a home page from the dashboard, it keeps redirecting to another page, for example Service Portal. 

Steps to reproduce: 

1. Navigate to Homepage Admin >> Pages
2. Select Portal Page under the Class or Type field. Do not need to add any dropzone to see the issue. 
3. Save the page.
4. Click on View Homepage under Related Links.
The home.do page will not be displayed. Instead of that, it will redirect to another page, for example /sp.



All current supported versions.


The home page is using a Layout that is redirecting to the other page. 


Follow the steps below to fix the issue:
1. Edit the homepage
2. Modify the Form Layout and add the Layout field to the form
3. Get the name of the layout assigned to the page
4. Go to Homepage Admin >> Layouts
5. Edit the layout and review the XML field. Below an example of the code that could
be doing the redirect to Service Portal (/sp):

if(document.URL.indexOf('incident.do') == -1)
window.location = '/sp/';

So, remove or modify the script tag. Or, remove the layout from the home page.



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