If you come across a scheduled job: Snapshot Weight Maps while reviewing the transaction logs or are contacted by Technical Support for the internal alert: "Scheduler is stuck or overloaded" for the high response time for that job, there are some simple checks to see if this job needs to be running daily.

For your info, the purpose of the Snapshot Weight Maps job (which is part of the IT Financial Management application) is to generate a snapshot of the weight maps for the Cost Allocation Metrics for the current fiscal period (which is based on the date of the job execution). These weight maps would be used during allocation in that quarter/month when the related metric is used as part of bucket split, bucket allocation and rollups.

Steps to Reproduce


  • Navigate to System Logs > Transactions (Background) and filter for Created on: This Week and URL starts with JOB: Snapshot Weight Maps. 
  • Adjust the form to display the field Response time (the value will be in milliseconds)


  • If you are not using the IT Financial Modeling/Cost Transparency module, this job can be disabled (Uncheck the Active checkbox).
  • If you are using the module, you can change the Run from Daily to Periodically (run every 30 days) or Monthly or specify a frequency as per your business requirements as the job need not run daily.
  • You can also remove any Cost Allocation Metrics (Financial Modeling > Consumption Metrics > All Metrics) that you are not using to reduce the execution time of the Snapshot Weight Maps job.

Related Problem: PRB1339385

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