On the default view of incident form, we have "Configuration Item" field configured on the main form section. After the incident record was created, when the user clicks on the lookup of the "Configuration Item" field, the lookup list suppose to populate "Configuration Item" list based on Caller's company as shown in the below screenshot,

However, when user clicks on "Configuration Item" lookup on the affected incident record, the system populates the Configuration Item lookup list with no data. 


Any supported release. 


  • "Configuration Item" (task.cmdb_ci) field on the incident form has a configuration in the dictionary level that it depends on the company field.
  • On the affected incident record, caller field is set with a user record which has a certain company. This company doesn't match with any cmdb_ci record and hence "Configuration Item" lookup list appears as empty. 


Configure the correct company to user record and cmdb_ci record so that "Configuration Item" lookup can work as expected on the Incident form.

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