Pre-London release, Actual Start and Actual End dates took the value of the current timestamp (Date/Time) when Projects/Project Tasks moved to Work in Progress and Closed Complete states, respectively

Post London, this functionality has changed for both Actual Start date and Actual End date. Below are the behaviors of both:

Actual Start date: Copies the Planned Start date value (date/time) when the Project/Project Task moves to a Work in Progress state

Actual End date: Copies the Planned End date value (date/time) when the Project/Project Task moves to a Closed Complete state. If the record is moved from a Work in Progress to Closed Complete state, the Actual end date is then calculated based on Actual start date + Planned duration.


Additional Information

  • In addition to values being copied from their Planned counterparts, date values may be changes to meet requirements. Updating the Actual start date will update the Planned end date based on the Planned duration value.
  • Time values are also changed. Now, time snaps to the first hour and last hour of the associated business hour calendar. If your Business Hours are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, then Planned/Actual time values will show as 8:00 and Planned/Actual end time values will show as 17:00, as seen in the above image. These times cannot be changed unless the attached calendar is updated for Business Hours.

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Last Updated:2020-03-09 11:18:53