The documented roles required for using the Test Inputs feature of Activity Designer, don't include all that are required to see the inputs in the ecc_queue, which means the response isn't displayed to the user.
"Test activity template inputs
Role required: web_service_admin, activity_admin, activity_creator"

Although there is a field level ACL rule for ecc_queue/read already for activity_creator included, there is no record level one.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install a MID Server, with Orchestration application set, and set it as the default MID Server for orchestration
  2. Create a new Powershell template custom activity from the workflow editor, that simply runs powershell script 'ls' on host 'localhost'. Publish it.
  3. As admin, open this activity and click Test Inputs.
    Result: You will get a Response popup showing the details from the ecc_queue input
  4. As a user with the documented roles only (web_service_admin, activity_admin, activity_creator), click Test Inputs on the same activity.
    Result: No Response popup will appear.


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There is already a field level ACL rule for ecc_queue/read for activity_creator role users (/ and a workaround is to also add a record level ACL rule. Click to download this in an Update set.

Related Problem: PRB1338289

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