Global search on variable values may fail just after regenerating text indexes. The issue is in generating the text indexes for variables on a record, and may occur after a clone as well.

Steps to Reproduce


1) import the attached wf_workflow_version XML file into a pre-London instance.
2) Also import and commit the attached update set, which will create a catalog Item called "Test Item".
3) Go to the test Item and click on the triangle icon next to "Workflow" to open the workflow.
4) Checkout the workflow.
5) Double click on the catalog task activity.
6) Scroll down to Variables On Task Form and select test_var.
7) Update and publish.
8) Go back to the test item and click on 'Try it'.
9) Put in some numeric value like "78362578234852146578", click on 'Order now', and repeat 5-10 times using the same number.
10) There should have been a catalog task created for each, if you search for the numeric value, the global search should return all the catalog tasks.
11) Navigate to Text Indexes.
12) Select the "task" table.
13) Click "Regenerate Text Index" and wait for the job to finish.
14) Once completed, search for the numeric value in step 9 again. Notice not all catalog tasks are returning as expected.
15) Find any one of those tasks not getting returned, put a value in the 'Assigned to' field, and save.
16) Wait a minute and perform the global search again. Observe the catalog task is returned.


This problem has been fixed in London. There is no workaround applicable. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix.


Related Problem: PRB1259828

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