When a user receives the email notification, the table or some HTML format is gone. Although the preview seems fine, the email client does not show all the css styles including:

  • Tables and cells background
  • Font colors
  • Padding, borders, and margins not as designed in the notification

Example of an email received on an older version of Outlook (Outlook 2010) with broken styles:

Styles that not shown in the browser 



Old email clients such as Outlook 2010 do not render the <style> elements properly and seem to require inline styling.


It is recommended to update and use a current version of your Microsoft Outlook application either on Windows or Mac. Older versions seem to work on very old engines equivalent to Internet Explorer 5 which only work with inline embedded styles.  

This is an example of how the mentioned table should look like with the configured styles from the notification:

Example of a table without broken style with background colour visible as configured in the notification

Embedded styles are included in a <style> block in the <head> of the file. Inline styles are attached to an HTML element using the style attribute. Instead of including <style></style> code, we suggest to use inline styles in the elements such as <td style='background-color:black'></td> 


Additional Information

Also see KB0747524 "Email Preview looks different than in Outlook, Gmail or other Mail Application" for additional information and references for email client rendering differences.


Note: Microsoft Outlook and other email clients are not a ServiceNow Product. If you have any issue regarding your email client please contact your vendor or internal IT support


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