On Android devices, to add a new event to a calendar, there is a plus (+) sign visible.
When there are lots of (at least, more than 9) agent_schedule_task_config records for the respective table, the sign gets hidden from the layout and there is no other way to add events into calendar.

Steps to Reproduce

Prereq: Install 'Field Service Management Mobile' plugin

1. Add 9 agent_schedule_task_config records to the 'Schedule Entry [cmn_schedule_span]' table
2. Open legacy mobile app from an android phone
3. Tap 'Calendar' under Field Service section at homepage
The plus sign is visible at bottom right corner
4. Add one more agent_schedule_task_config record to the 'Schedule Entry [cmn_schedule_span]' table
5. Repeat step 2 & step 3

Actual behavior: Plus sign can't be seen
Expected behavior: Plus sign is visible


This is a limitation for ServiceNow Classic Android Mobile App. 9 event types are allowed in Android app. Having more than 9 event types isn't supported.

Related Problem: PRB1337043

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