Attach an image to a static HTML content block, the content block will display the image to an admin user, however, the image will not display for an itil user to whom the dashboard was shared.


Create a new dashboard
Add a static HTML content block (content blocks > *New Static HTML)
Configure the block, attach an image to it.
Click the pencil icon on the content block and edit
In the static content field, click the insert image button, Type is attachment and image is the file you attached.
share the dashboard with user ITIL user and the role ITIL.
As an admin, you can see the image on the static content block.
Impersonate ITIL user, find the dashboard that was shared with you. The image does not display.


This issue is not reproducible in New York. As a workaround, In content block table, add snc_internal role for read operation in access controls. Image will display for shared users.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:46:27