Customer (Admin) has installed the Automated test Framework plugin.
In the Automated test Framework-> Suites module; clicks on an OOB suite for "CHG: Emergency..."
Clicks on the Edit as the Suite is in a specific application.
Then, clicks on a specific test within the Suite.
Again, Clicks on edit within the specific application.

Message is displayed indicating: This item is read-only based on its protection policy.



Madrid Patch 1


This is expected behavior from OOB Suites in Madrid and up.

The OOB Suites that have tests that are read-only are called Quick Start Tests and are tests that demonstrate sample test flows through features in a manner that is easy to maintain.

The following documentation should explain the test further; and are new features for Madrid:

The Quick Start Tests are supposed to be read-only and used as an example once the proper plugins and data are setup for the suite. which is discussed in Activation section of the doc.


Review the Madrid Documentation for Quick Start Tests.

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