Approvals menu item and the My Approvals widget don't show up for some users after upgrading to London or Madrid.


London and above


Service Portal


This is the expected behavior since a bug was fixed in the London release of the platform. As per our licensing requirements, users need to have the approver_user role to be able to perform approvals. Prior to the London release, the users without this role were still able to access the approval records through the service portal. After the bug was fixed, the menu item for Approvals and the My Approvals widget now require the approver_user role.


In order to keep in line with the licensing requirements, make sure that the users trying to access the approvals have the said, 'approver_user' role. Users without this role should not be trying to perform approval related activities on the instance.

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In case of queries about your specific license entitlements and requirements, please reach out to your Sales Representative as they are best equipped to answer such queries.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:56:26