Data Collection Job log contains warning "Snapshot within this range is older than the maximum age, based on indicator frequency and snapshot periods, for all indicators associated with this indicator source."


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Out of the Box the snapshot data is collected and kept for 183 days as explained in the documentation > Performance Analytics properties

Look for property description "" in the documentation.



A snapshot is the list of records that you see on the "Records" tab in the Scorecard. It is required if you needed to drill down into the records. 
The snapshot data does not have impact on the widget as such as the widget is rendered based on the scores but if you do not have the snapshot data, the drill down from widgets to the actual records will not work. 

If you need to keep/collect snapshot for more than 183 days you can do the same with following 2 options

Option 1 : (if you need to change the retention periods for snapshots of all daily indicators to 366 days from 183 days)

Change the system property "" to retain the collected data for desired number of days (for eg 366 days) . This will change the retention periods for all daily Indicators where these is no "Override collection periods" configured. 

Change the property value from: 

Option 2: (if you need to change the retention periods for snapshots of specific daily indicator to 366 days from 183 days)

Configure "Override collection periods" in the "Collection periods" tab of the Indicator. 
Set "Periods to keep scores" to the default value of "" i.e. "732" 
Set "Periods to keep snapshots" to "366" 

Would recommend option 2 as it may not be necessary to change the default for all indicators but it depends on business requirement. 

Please note that PA scores and snapshots may grow overtime and hence these are routinely cleaned to ensure optimal performance and accurate data. , please review > Cleaning collected Performance Analytics data

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