On a list view of records, using CTRL+Click(left Click) on the 'i' button is expected to open up the specific record in a new tab.
This is working fine for Versions prior to Kingston for both IE and Chrome browser type. However, in Kingston, For a windows machine, this functionality does not work in case of Chrome.

Steps to Reproduce

Note: Please use either a physical Windows machine or a Virtual windows machine with on screen key board to reproduce the issue

1. Using Chrome as the browser, go to any OOB Kingstan instance.
2. Open any list of records, e.g. incident.list
3. CTRL+Click(left Click) on the 'i' button next to any of the list records. (in case of on screen key board, click on the CTRL button to lock it down, then click on the i button)
4. Observe that the record is not opened up in a new tab

The above steps, when performed on IE11 as the browser in Kingston or while using either of the browsers in any previous release, opens up the record in a new tab on that browser.


As a workaround, perform Ctrl+Click on record Number to open the record in new tab.

Related Problem: PRB1271096

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