Madrid Patch 2 : Known Errors

This article presents notable known errors in  Madrid Patch 2, grouped by severity and organized by category. Not all known errors appear on this page. Click the link in the Article column to view details about each known error. To view other families and versions, see the  Known Error Portal.

Note: The severity level does not indicate the order in which issues will be fixed, which is determined by a combination of variables.

To view the release notes for this release family, see Madrid Release Notes.

Severity 1

The following table lists notable Severity 1 known errors in this patch.

KB0584932PRB617735PersistenceTask Table flattening or Task Table extensions can exceed the row size limit of 8126, causing Task hierarchy errors and task table functionality degradation
KB0727701PRB631444Business Logic ProcessingChanging the sys_class_name of a record can result in the record being deleted if Mandatory field Data Policy prevents the insert in the target table

Severity 2

The following table lists notable Severity 2 known errors in this patch.

KB0623810PRB1073350Import / ExportSlow business rule 'Set synchronous import set' due to non-indexed sort in setImportSetRow function to retrieve next row number
KB0656924PRB1191307System ApplicationsCustomers are able to create multiple "Global" sys_scope records which causes issues on the instance
KB0676879PRB1235210Activity StreamSingle line long text in description field gets right side cut-off when viewed in Activity stream. Browser re-size will make it visible again.
KB0661797PRB1235331Update SetsGrandchild tables of task created as TPC can be corrupt if they are created in the wrong order
KB0727944PRB1238857Forms and FieldsWhen saving a read-only currency field its value may be converted to default US Dollars automatically
KB0657641PRB1244501Import / ExportSynch transform uses fast lock that can cause SOAP threads to get hung up (PRB1200935), exhausting all integration semaphores
KB0727642PRB1250745PersistenceSlowness and potential browser lock up in reports when there is a dot-walked filter condition on a CMDB table (Table Per Partition extension model)
KB0726390PRB1264889Dashboards and Home PagesDashboard Widgets do not load if an applied breakdown is deleted
KB0684402PRB1270022Performance Analytics[DOMAIN] Spotlight Job doesn't collect spotlights for empty user and "Use snapshots" property
KB0692585PRB1287143CurrencySaving a form with a currency field results in the currency field getting multiplied by 100
KB0717976PRB1288212VA-Web ClientThe virtual agent does not translate based on user language while using the internationalization plugin
KB0690836PRB1292056Forms and Fields[Security Bug] Client side script issues on OOB forms
KB0746248PRB1292566Core PlatformWhen attaching Microsoft files, 'Too many open files' errors occur (file descriptor leak), when is set to true (default value)
KB0717328PRB1308349ListsloadRow failure java.lang.NullPointerException when a "table name" field type is added to a form
KB0754246PRB1316881Security Access Control ListsVA - On Service Portal when VA widget is display and user it NOT logged in, conversation does not display
KB0725089PRB1321133Database IndexesList appears empty when large table optimization in TPP adds ignore index hint for cmdb$par index that doesn't exist in table cmdb
KB0744537PRB1321470Service PortalThe reference search is not loading in Service Portal intermittently
KB0722879PRB1321771EmailScripted evaluation of the to, cc, bcc, from, and reply-to values in email client template does not work
KB0725784PRB1325588Knowledge ManagementMadrid: The kb_search page does not load
KB0745020PRB1328336Agent WorkspaceTemplates do not appear on Agent Workspace unless it is assigned to the user
KB0727700PRB1328367Application Navigator & Banner FrameBanner image cannot be changed in Madrid
KB0727945PRB1328998MID ServerWindows Discovery Probes that use Powershell Remote Execution framework may be blocked from executing Powershell scripts on the target
KB0743158PRB1329089WorkflowWorkflows are not triggered on the records after the upgrade
KB0749791PRB1330616Mobile (Classic)[Mobile Classic]: The Submit button does not work for Record Producer in the mobile application as well as the mobile browser
KB0748053PRB1332090ConnectThe Connect sound notification for users entering a support queue is not working
KB0745577PRB1333589Change Management Conflict DetectorMadrid - The 'Conflict Calendar' UI action does not work if glide.sys.date_format is not set to the default 'yyyy-MM-dd'
KB0750180PRB1333813Project ManagementUnable to import MPP project file to a sub-project
KB0748670PRB1336879DiscoveryLaunching credential-less Discovery from Shazzam can use a large amount of memory
KB0748287PRB1337296Event ManagementAlert similarity causes performance issues when loading the alert form
KB0748860PRB1340374Cloud Management ApplicationThe Azure subscription discovery fails with an error
KB0752447PRB1341509Server Side ScriptingGlideDate API not honoring getDisplayValueInternal()
KB0748293PRB1341948Forms and FieldsThe contact (caller_id) on the incident form disappears for ITIL users when the caller is set to inactive
KB0749498PRB1343281Performance Analytics[Fix-NY]Select Multiple Input type interactive filter does not work correctly when the reference field on the table is set to "Display = True"
KB0752317PRB1344019Record WatcherThe null pointer exception error occurs if the record watcher condition contains sys_tag.
KB0750766PRB1348675Walk-Up ExperienceFor the French language, the 'Schedule appointment' button is not enabled in the Walk-up Experience portal
KB0550121PRB629834Knowledge ManagementKnowledge search is hardcoded to ignore search terms with fewer than 3 characters
KB0549804PRB630133WorkflowIn list view, task.stage breaks UI rendering and throws a "jQuery is not defined" error when using UI11
KB0598187PRB668806Project Portfolio ManagementCannot list edit related list if the Related List Loading option 'After Form Loads' or 'On-demand' is selected
KB0623129PRB718318System ApplicationsUnable to launch Studio via Studio module when UI11 is enabled
KB0717315PRB837118HTML EditorWYSIWYG editor in the KB article does not work for either URL or the local video library

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