Generic VLAN OID is missing from the "SNMP - Switch - Vlan" probe, meaning VLANs may not be populated, and Layer 2 relationships not created between Switches and Servers.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. On a Kingston Patch 5, London or later instance, that already has the fix for PRB1260562. That had similar symptoms.
  2. Enable Layer 2 discovery
  3. Discover Switches, and Servers that are connected to those switches e.g. a Arista Networks switch and an Linux server
  4. On checking the Dependency View Map of either CI, no 'Connected To' Relationship will be seen to the other CI

Discovery log will show a Warning similar to below. The mention of undefined in "dot1qTpFdbAddress.undefined,dot1qTpFdbPort.undefined,dot1qTpFdbStatus.undefined"' is the clue:

Problem with OID spec: table ( dot1qTpFdbAddress.undefined,dot1qTpFdbPort.undefined,dot1qTpFdbStatus.undefined
OID () possible children Problem with OID spec: table ( dot1dTpFdbAddress.undefined,dot1dTpFdbPort.undefined,dot1dTpFdbStatus.undefined
OID () possible children


A fix is planned, and we recommend subscribing to the article for future information or upgrading to listed releases that offer the fix.

Related Problem: PRB1335871

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New York

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