When the system property 'glide.sys.date_format' is not set to the default 'yyyy-MM-dd', or *if the date format for an user is dd/mm/yyyy instead of yyyy-mm-dd even though the system default is yyyy-mm-dd. After clicking on "Conflict Calendar" ui action on a change_request record the Conflict Calendar page opens but no information is displayed.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make sure 'Change Request Calendar' [com.snc.change_request_calendar] plugin is active.

    2. Change system property 'glide.sys.date_format' from the default 'yyyy-MM-dd' to 'dd/MM/yyyy'

*** the issue also happens when the date format for an user is dd/mm/yyyy instead of yyyy-mm-dd even though the system default is yyyy-mm-dd

3. Open a CHG record with CI, start date and end date populated. The UI Action 'Conflict Calendar' should be visible.

4. Click on the UI Action 'Conflict Calendar'

The Conflict Calendar page opens but never loads

Instead of the current date being displayed at the top as "Wednesday, 27 March 2019", the following is displayed: "undefined, Nan undefined Nan"

There are thousands of console errors which keep growing.


As a workaround you need to perform these simple steps on your sub production instance to suggest the import of the 4 UI Scripts attached to this problem.

The changes are minor but it is much simpler importing these files than you tracking down the line changes.

Don't forget to empty your browser's cache after applying these workarounds.

The browser will cache these files according to the build-date, when updating the record the build-date does not change so the browser's cache must be emptied to ensure the browser is downloading the latest version of these files.

Related Problem: PRB1333589

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Madrid Patch 3

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