There are 2 symptoms:

1/ When discovering a switch stack using patterns in the London release or later, there is no Pattern Log in the Discovery Log. The Pattern Log statement looks like the following:

*** Exploring CI Pattern, Pattern name: Network Switch, To Check Pattern Log Press Here

2/ When discovering stack switches, you would expect a Device History record for each box in the stack, including a main record and one or more secondary records. You may see in the Discovery Status Device tab under source column several duplicates.

The records are created in the Discovery Device History table. The source field has a maximum of 40 characters in the system dictionary setting out-of-the-box. When discovery first creates the record it will try to insert the source as " xxxxx-swcore-ABCD12345678 Secondary". But when the record is saved it is truncated as the field can only store 40 characters. When Discovery needs to update the record it will look up for the original value " xxxxx-swcore-ABCD12345678 Secondary" and no match will be found on account of the truncation hence a new record is created.

Steps to Reproduce

There are two ways to reproduce the issue:


  1. On London or later version, run a Discovery against a switch stack with the Network Switch Pattern.

  2. Once the pattern is completed, navigate to the Discovery Log tab in the Discovery Status record.

    Result: The Discovery Log does not contain the Pattern Log statement.


  1. Import the attached file to a London instance or later.
    The attached file contains an example of the following:
    - Sample Discovery Status
    - ECC Queue records linked to the Discovery Status
    - IP Switch record
    - Discovery Device History

  2. Input records into the ecc_queue with a name like "Pattern Launcher: Network Switch - MultiPage 1 of 5".

  3. Rerun all 5 of these inputs (Multipage 1-5).

  4. Check that all 5 of these inputs are reprocessed.

    Result: The Discovery Log does not contain the Pattern Log statement.


  1. In your instance, go to System Definition > Dictionary.

  2. Apply the filters 'table=discovery_device_history' and 'Column name=source'.

  3. Open the table 'discovery_device_history'.

  4. Change the 'Max length' field to 255.

  5. Save or update the table.

Related Problem: PRB1328689

Seen In

SR - ITOM - CMDB CI Class Models - 201908
SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - 201908
SR - ITOM - Fundamentals Istanbul Jakarta Kingston r1 - v5.99.6

Fixed In

New York

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