When opening the header menus in a list, the focus does not go to it, so it is not possible to access it with the keyboard.

For example, the 'Show related Incidents' attribute list view does not show any options when clicked.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Turn on Accessibility Mode (header icon settings gear > General tab > Accessibility enabled=true/green).
2. Open an existing incident record or create a new one.
3. Set the Configuration Item to any value of your choice (e.g. ALDWXP).
4. Open another incident and set the CI to the same value.
5. Click on the appearing button "Show other active tasks".
6. Tab-key to any list header (e.g. Number).
7. Hit the Enter-key and notice the settings column menu ("hamburger" icon) appears unexpectedly.
8. Tab-key to the "hamburger" icon.
9. Hit the Enter-key. Notice a column header menu appears and no column in the list has the focus.
10. Attempt to arrow-up/down to navigate through the menu. Notice this does not work.

Alternatively, repeat steps 1-2, then perform the following:

3b. Select 'Show Related Incidents' on the right of the caller field.
4b. Right click on any column field (e. g. 'Number').
5b. Try to click on any function in the menu, such as 'Group by' or 'Sort A to Z'. Notice none of them works.
The Show Related popup has been removed in Madrid to maintain consistent behaviour.


This problem is fixed in Madrid. There is no workaround applicable. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.


Related Problem: PRB1255338

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New York Patch 1

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