As part of a scheduled LDAP import, it may be observed that few users are not imported even though it's confirmed that these users actually exist in the OU by doing a Browse from the LDAP OU Definition. Upon checking the Import log for the data source in question, error(s) may be seen like below. 

Error during insert of ldap_import (74,335): Row in data source exceeds row size limit. Please consider excluding some fields from this import set as there are 216 fields present causing this row to be too large
Steps to check the Import Log errors:
Consider an example where the data source name is "LDAP User Import". 
  1. Go to "Import Log" ("System Import Sets" > "Advanced" > "Import Log") from the filter navigator.
  2. Apply the filter:
    1. Source="Loader (LDAP User Import)"
    2. Level=2

Level=2 is for checking Errors. 


Applicable to all releases.


As the error log suggests, the data in the row that is being loaded exceeds the maximum row size that is allowed. Due to this, the row is not loaded in the import staging table and that's the reason you might see that this user is not getting imported. 


To fix this issue, you need to specify the list of AD attributes that you need to import. The below documentation provides the steps to specify these attributes. 

Specify LDAP Attributes

This will make sure only the required attributes are imported and hence the row size will be much smaller than the max row size limit. 

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