Multi Row Variable Set Modal/Dialog is not being displayed on the Service Portal for the snc_external users. The Service Portal screen grey's out after clicking on the Add UI Action. The modal/dialog box doesn't open up.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Activate the customer service plugin
2. Create a contact user
3. Navigate to the sys_user table and add the user id to the created user
4. Notice the roles 'snc_external', 'sn_customerservice.customer', and 'sn_esm_user' are added to the user
5. Navigate to the Portals -> Service Portal -> Index Page
6. Add snc_external to the roles field on the Index Page
7. Navigate to the Service Portal Pages -> sc_cat_item page
8. Add 'snc_external' to the sc_cat_item page
9. Create a catalog item and use the 'Mobile Devices Set' multi row variable set [Out of the Box variable set]
10. Make sure the catalog item related list 'Not available for' doens't have 'snc_external' role. If so delete it.
11. Impersonate the user whom we created
12. Navigate to the Service Portal Page [/sp]
13. Search for the catalog item and click on the Add UI Action for the Multi Row Variable set.

Expected behavior: Modal / Dialog box comes up to add the details for the Multi Row variable set.

Actual behavior: The screen grey's out and no modal/dialog box appears. Please find the attachment of the screenshot.


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Related Problem: PRB1314851

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