Activity stream of a task record was showing its content with wrong alignment as shown in the below screenshot,


Any supported release.


On the affected task record, there was a html field exist, which was dot-walked from anther table. This html field had a data which had a html style hardcoded in it.

This hardcoded html style was overriding the activity stream's platform style, then eventually causing the alignment issue. 


  • If the additional hardcoded styles within the html field can be removed, please remove it from the html source of html field on the affected task record.
  • If that is not an option, then consider removing the offending html field from the "Default" view form layout
  • If that is not an option, then define a new section within "default" view to include the "Activity formatter" and journal fields in it, not include "the offending html field with it, OR you can have offending html field on the main section itself where "Activity formatter" doesn't exists.

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