Unable to Submit request in mobile app when availability is set to Mobile Only

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to 'Create Incident' item on sc_cat_item table in any London / Madrid instance.
2. Set Availability to Mobile Only under accessibility tab
3. Now login into the classic servicenow app
4. Enter the details and submit the item.
5. You will see that a new record is not created in the incident table
6. Once you change it to Desktop and Mobile and do the same steps from 1 to 4 a new item will be created.

Please Note: This issue is specific to London and Madrid instances, however, this was working fine in Jakarta


1. Set the availability for the item to Desktop and Mobile. 
2. Go to the view 
3. Bring the column "Hide on Service Portal" from the list mechanic in the list. 
4. Set this for the item to true. 5. This will make the item work in mobile and hide it in the portal.

Related Problem: PRB1334015

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