Tables without sys_id on their records cannot be queried correctly using ODBC. Using SOAP/REST message, it will retrieve the data without problems.

Steps to Reproduce

Using ODBC, open and query the pa_scores_l1 table.

 SELECT ID FROM pa_scores_l1 WHERE dv_indicator = ('UpdateSets Pulled');

This returned 4 rows including the record with ID 85417 (on this case)
However when viewing the table as a .list view, it displays 435 results.

If you select a specific record from the .list view to query with odbc for example:

 SELECT ID FROM pa_scores_l1 WHERE ID = '85630';

No record is returned - even though you're able to query using soapui and see it on the .list view.


Do not use ODBC to export tables with no sys_id. Instead use the REST API or SOAP API to export those records.

Related Problem: PRB1333748

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