Depending on how you consider the logic, Copying a partial project and it's documentation may be confusing. In short, the object of 'Copy Partial Project' is to take a Project Task or Project and copy it to a Project Task or Project. To avoid further confusion, the example used in this KB article will be to copy a Project Task (with Project Task children) to a blank Project.

Copy an existing task or project documentation is clear, but as we repeat words for source or target, things can get confusing.

Example: Copy Project Task (PRJTASK0010135) and it's 2 children PTASKs --> PRJ0010091


  1. Navigate to the target Project/Project Task (in this example, PRJ0010091)
  2. Right-click in grey header and select Copy partial project
  3. For 'Task' add the source Project Task/Project (in this example, PRJTASK0010135)
  4. For 'Name', add what you want the new Short Description to be for PRJTASK0010135
  5. Click OK

*Note: The Project Task that is copied over and it's children will be re-numbered


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